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About Agri-Flavors, Inc.

In the mid-1950s, commercial flavors for animals began as an industry market. A few people in the feed industry noticed that some feed additives, such as antibiotics, etc., which, while beneficial for the animal, were not palatable. As more additives began to be introduced and blended into the feed, the "law of diminishing returns." was observed in palatability. With variations in feed ingredients and additives, agricultural flavor became a significant opportunity in the United States and the world. The amount of molasses to mask or cover the taste of these additives was limited by volume. Therefore, another approach to palatability requires consideration.


There was modest growth in the Flavor Industry between the mid-1950s and 1970s, and three and later, four companies were producing Flavors for animal agriculture. Those growth years were met with some resistance from the nutrition departments of many feed manufacturers because there was no nutrition in the flavor compound. Some nutritionists even felt insulted by the flavor concept because they felt that customers and other feed companies might perceive their feed as inferior and that it needed a flavor for the animal to eat. Today, there are more than twenty companies producing flavors for Agriculture.

Agri-Flavors, Inc., Guntersville, Alabama, was founded in the fall of 1978 by Bryce Strachan, who had over ten years of experience in the flavor industry. Bill Kendrick joined Agri-Flavors, Inc. in the spring of 1979 with over ten years of experience in the feed industry and over five years of experience in the flavor industry.


In 1996, Bill Kendrick became president and owner of Agri-Flavors, Inc., with over 23 years of Flavor experience. 


This year has been a difficult one, with the passing of Bill Kendrick in June of 2023. Agri-Flavors, Inc. needed a new beginning and welcomed Bill's daughter, Karrie Kendrick, to step in and continue the legacy of providing the feed industry with only the best flavors in the "Preservation of Good Taste."

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